1. Abundant Life Ministries is committed to the Great Commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).  We send teams to foreign mission fields to serve and train for various purposes: construction, evangelism, serving missionary needs, preaching the gospel. Past trips have included the nations of China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Poland, Guatemala, Trinidad, India, Guyana, Dominican Republic and Czech Republic. We support the following missions ministries monthly:


This ministry training school was started by Pastor Anthony’s parents in 1958 and this $25,000 scholarship is in honor of Pastor Anthony’s late mother and will help a student each year with their expenses.  The monies were given to its first recipient, Bulgarian music student, Stefanita Dimitrova, in the fall of 2007.


Dr. Hong & Dr. Esther Yang.  This fire ball couple was dramatically saved from communism and atheism by a Church of God professor who was guest-teaching at a Chinese University.  Dr. Yang ministers several times a year in China in churches and Bible schools to reach his native country and throughout Asia.


In 2003 Dan and Teresa Susong founded FACES (Fighting Against Child Employment Services.) a non-profit for the progressive eradication of child labor. The ministry has grown from 12 to 1800 children with the focus on evangelism, education, and meeting other social needs. They also ask for prayer for revival among the 1800 children, their parents and employees.


Wojtek Włoch is a national representative of the Church of God in Poland and an ordained bishop with the Church of God. Pastor Wojtek is truly a pioneer in this part of Europe, working to lay a foundation for the church planting movement and is highly respected and effective. ALM has taken two teams there, one in 2009 and one in 2011 and some of the Polish leadership came to our church in 2016 to be trained/mentored and to strengthen our partnership.


Abundant Life Ministries, in partnership with missionaries Craig and Diane Reynolds, sent a team to India in 2012. ALM raised enough funds to build a church in the village of Odayapalaya. The church building is a blessing to the village and the believers. Please pray for Pastor Raj and his family as they suffer constant persecution. 


Men and Women of Action (MWOA) provides an opportunity for men and women to volunteer their skills in building projects around the world. Even though our main emphasis is coordinating construction teams, we also work with disaster relief, humanitarian projects, celebration teams, and Firewall Project Africa.


In 1992, Bishop Hiruy established Harvest Church of God Ethiopia which now has close to 100 congregations and over 40 schools. He is involved in street children ministries in Addis and conducts HIV/AIDS awareness prevention programs in many parts of Ethiopia. Pastor Anthony led a team there in 2013 who focused on medical missions and preaching the word of God throughout the country. 


Our aim is to equip Christians in the USA to share their joy of knowing Christ with Muslims. This mission is not thousands of miles away. Around 6 million have made this country their home. There are a lot of misunderstandings in both camps and our desire is to help and train Christians to be able to confidently approach Muslims with the true message of Christ. Personal and friendly relationships open the door for discussion about spiritual issues and personal beliefs. The foremost duty of Christians is to show Muslims the love of Christ. One need not have a PhD, not even be a high school graduate, or be an expert in evangelism to share the Gospel with Muslims. It is the availability that matters and it all starts with sharing the love of Christ. We believe that local churches and its members have the best opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus.


Metro World Child is a global faith-based, humanitarian organization dedicated to serving inner-city children throughout New York City and various urban centers around the world. Metro serves over 150,000 children each week with after school programs, Sunday School services, child sponsorship, special programs and personal home visits.


Abundant Life Ministries has committed to sending teams annually to foreign missions fields for ministry/work/training. Past trips have been to China, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, India, Czech Republic, Poland, Ethiopia, Guatemala.

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